History of The Salton Sea Part 1

Lets take you back 215 years of amazing history, few more years back before the 1905 “accident” happen that created this eden paradise. Before it was called a “sea” it was refer to as the Salton Sink. Which kind of is common sense because this was an area of 1’000 acres of extremely pure rock salt. A man by the name of Juan Bautista De Anza came to the land of the Salton Sink to seek profit of this land. The Cahuilla Native American tribe were the first to meet him, and be brought desises from him. Only about 3,000 out of 10,000 decendes of the tribe remain.

In the year 1849 Dr. Oliver Wozencraft beame inspired in the Salton Sink. In 1884 a man named William P. Blake & Wozencraft reconized the region for agricultural development. Another man named George Durbrow came to the Salton Sink to mine for profit and ship it to San Francisco. He shipped over 1,500 tons of pure rock salt. The Cahuilla tribe provided labor work for him. Sadly in 1887 Wozencraft died without completing his dream. In 1896 CDC (California Development Company) was formed by Charles R. Rockwood. Rockwood saw the idea Wozencraft was builting and wanted it to make a reality. He dealt with financial difficulties on making a canal that would run from the water of the Colorado River to the new to be built Imperial Canal going into Mexico and back because of the algodones sand. Then once entered back it will be turned into the Alamo River. He parterned up with a self-educated engineer from Canada who had constructed several successful irrigation project near Los Angeles and Australia. It took Five years for it to be completed on the dated of May 14th of 1901. 

Only three years had passed and problems began developing with the Imperial Canal. Before this time two thousand settler. The resident of the Imperial Valley worried and began fileding law suits because of the lack of water. Between the year of the 1904-1905 a cut was made on the west bank of the Colorado to allow water to flow again. An unpredicted storm called El Niño came by June of 1905, enginears watched 90% of the Colorado River rushed into the valley. During this time four separation project were started and ending in failure. The President of Southern Pacific Railroad Edward H. Harriman moved his Railroad three times before he finally stetted on February 10th 1907, by having 3,000 railroad carts filled of boulders and rocks to stemmed the flow in 1907.


About The Writer:

Freddy Cardenas

I’m Mexican/America and live in North Shore. Education has always played a big part in my life. Seeing how my parents struggle with working in the field work has pushed me to reach high educational goals. From a family of sixs its hard to live to the standards that life gives you. Having a sillbling drop out and another dropout of college.

Much in my life I’ve lived here in North Shore where this was the “hot spot” where stars came to advoid the paparazzi. Seeing this beautiful place has been amazing. Everyday getting up and having to see the Salton Sea was just breath taking. Maybe thats where this place got his name. I will be attending New Mexico Highland University in August 2015 getting a degree in Music Education. 


“We are stronger united, but weeker divided.”  





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