El Progreso has two new writers!

El Progreso is welcoming two new writers for the Summer 2015 issue.  


Please meet :


Yajayra Gonzalez

im eighteen years old ,i’ve been living in North Shore,CA. since August 18 of the 2014.

Before i got to North Shore i was living in Mexicali,Mexico , there the conditions of having success on education were bad for me , i decided that i wanted to be succesful and because of that my family and i moved to North Shore,CA.

I started my Senior year in Desert Mirage High school ,later i graduated on June 2015.Now a day I’m getting ready to start my Freshmen year of college out of state in New Mexico.


Freddy Cardenas

I’m Mexican/America and live in North Shore. Education has always played a big part in my life. Seeing how my parents struggle with working in the field work has pushed me to reach high educational goals. From a family of sixs its hard to live to the standards that life gives you. Having a sillbling drop out and another dropout of college.

Much in my life I’ve lived here in North Shore where this was the “hot spot” where stars came to advoid the paparazzi. Seeing this beautiful place has been amazing. Everyday getting up and having to see the Salton Sea was just breath taking. Maybe thats where this place got his name. I will be attending New Mexico Highland University in August 2015 getting a degree in Music Education. 

“We are stronger united, but weeker divided.”  


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